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    Default READ IT FAST -> Vlad's Super Sexy Pretty Pretty Egg Plant Purple Pearl ... RWD WRX!!!

    Hey guys, don't know why it took me so long to join lol, but here I am. For those who don't know me, I'm Vlad and I'm from New Milford, CT. I currently own KJ's old carbon bronze pearl bugeye which most of you probably remember, we are actually homies now and I'll be going up to IA to see him again. Anyways, I picked it up from him like exactly a year ago and trying to keep the mods going, but being a college student isn't helping my broke ass. The only time I could possibly put money into it is during the summer when I'm on break lol.

    Going a little back in time now. I had to sell my pride and joy, '99 swapped 2.5rs. I had that car for almost two years and I put a shit ton of money into. It was easy being a high school student and working full time and not paying for school, so most of my money went into the car. I did almost everything I wanted to the car, just wanted to get a six speed for it and finish the final touches with a fresh paint job.. but then college came along and the modding was basically over. After I stopped putting money into it, I kinda had no more interest to put another penny into it, miles were going up and I always wanted a newer body style. As you will see in the pictures, I wasn't into stance at all at the time. I just wanted to have a nicely done GC with a swap that people could appreciate. I still spent a pretty penny for TE37's in limited seibon edition lol. Anyways, long story short, I started getting more and more paranoid with the stock rs tranny that had 168k miles at the time and I was making 380whp. Since I didn't have the money for a six speed, I just wanted to get rid of it and have someone else finish her. I then saw KJ's bugeye pop up for sale on Nasioc and told him that I will take it off his hands. He was kind enough to hold the car for me until I sold my GC, and off I went to NC to go get it.

    Here are just a couple pictures of my old car, I still miss it everyday.

    So the day I picked up KJ's car, it looked like this.

    This was actually coming back home from NC.

    Then came the first photoshoot.

    So the first summer of owning the car, there were a few problems lol. Apparently the coilovers were blown and they were clunking the day I got it, but I didn't think much of it because it went away as soon as I got home haha. Then it came back, and was a lot worst, but it was weird because it would go away everytime it rained out. So the guys from EFI Logics thought it couldve been my stock top hats since they were shot. I ordered some Grp N top hats and once we took the coilovers apart, we could tell they were blown. Next week my stock radiator decides to go and piss coolant everywhere. Being unemployed at the time wasn't easy, so I got a job and saved up for some BC Racing BR coils, along with a Mishimoto radiator. I also decided to get a V2 front lip for the car, JDM rainguards, Ureshi window spoiler and some other little things. That was all I could do for that summer before school started.

    Basically I went a lot lower than it was before, maxed out the fronts and dropped the rears. I had to do some fender work in the front since it wasn't touched before, but it worked out. Got some good pics after all that was done..

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