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Thread: WTB 4x114.3 vip/mesh style wheels

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    Default WTB 4x114.3 vip/mesh style wheels

    I am looking for a set of 4x114.3 wheels for my 83 cressida. I really want a VIP style wheel but I will take a look at anything. I would like 15s or bigger with low offset and wider then 7.5. Color don't matter neither does slight crib rash. You can pm me or send pictures to 8287721808. Thanks!

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    Hey aaron, I have a set of 4x114.3 wheels I may be selling in the near future (in my avatar pic). They are not pristine, the lips have rash on them from previous owner, and there is some oxidation in the lug nut holes and on some of the sides of the "spokes"; Wheels are clean otherwise. They are chrome Work Vs-xx 18x8 and 18x9 with polished lips, work vs centercaps, and original hardware. The offsets on both are +38. They are true 3-piece wheels (one of only 3 Work wheels that I know of that are true 3-piece; can replace lips with wider ones, which would ultimately lower the offsets of the wheels). Tires that are on it would be included. There was someone on zilvia with a blue s13 who rebuilt 4 lug VSxx wheels to have something like 6" lips. I'll post some pics later today.

    edit: photobucket isn't working for me; I'll put some pics up when it does
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    I might be selling my 4x114.3 enkei 92's 15x8 et25. Check out my build thread. They are on my S13
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