Thought I'd finally make a thread after officially getting approved.
Ill try to stay on top of updating this thread with pictures and prioress as it happens.

Ok so onto the car...

Picked up a Diamond White Pearl 95 SC 300 last September and have been going at it ever since.

Day 1

Threw on wheels and coil overs

Added a SC 400 front lip

Added 97 side skirts and smaller tires, had rubbing issue due to a horribly repaired fender.

One of my favorite mods, getting my lights restored and cleared

Went lower

Then I decided the 95 paint was showing its age, so I dipped it, custom color I mixed up myself.

Have a few more things to do as its a work in progress. I'm always getting new ideas and inspiration everyday. Waiting to put my new wheels on, and a few more exterior things.