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    Cool My SRT-6 - It's good to be different

    *New pictures/updates will always be on the last page.*

    *Modifications as of 8/7/2017*


    Needswings single CAI w/ Xstream filter upgrade
    Custom axle-back exhaust with Megan Racing M-RS muffler
    Eurocharged Performance ECU tune
    Eurocharged Performance TCU tune
    Sprint Booster power converter
    Johnson CM30 intercooler pump
    Genuine MB AMG oil filler cap
    Needswings oil catch can
    VHT painted intake manifold plenums & valve covers
    Moddiction titanium fender washers
    Mishimoto magnetic oil drain plug
    Odyssey Performance battery


    Mercedes Benz Obsidian Black Metallic respray
    Shaved rear hatch
    Gloss black painted front grille
    Custom front lip & side-splitters
    Lamin-X redout vinyl taillight overlays
    35% tint
    HID Extra RAZIR LED headlight bulbs
    LED tag lights
    OEM European market clear side markers
    ZunSport lower grilles (black)
    PIAA Xtreme White foglight bulbs
    Paint matched headlight eyebrows


    KW Variant 2 coilovers
    Wiechers Sport front strut bar
    18x8.5 / 19x10 Radi8 R8S5's
    R1 Concepts slotted rotors (F/R)
    VHT painted calipers
    DressUpBolts titanium valve stem caps


    Black suede headliner
    RAZO silver trim wide-angle mirror
    LEDPartsNow interior light kit
    Redline Goods suede door pull covers
    Wind Restrictor illuminated doorsills
    Suede wrapped bulkhead cover
    Ultragauge EM2


    Clarizon FZ501 media player
    Sony Xplod door speakers
    Bazooka 6" subwoofers (x2)

    Awards/Trophies to date

    -Import Expo DC 2015 - 3rd Place Best Domestic Other
    -2nd Annual 65 Roses Car, Truck & Bike Show (2017) - People's Choice Award
    -NuConceptz Spring Show 2017 - 3rd Place Domestic
    -Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2017 - 1st Place Crossfire SRT-6
    -CICCI 1st Place People's Choice Crossfire Coupe - Presented @ Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2017
    -Import Expo DC 2017 - 3rd Place Best Domestic Other
    -Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2018 - 1st Place Crossfire SRT-6

    Long time no talk everyone! I apologize for having been m.i.a. for the past few months. Between work, moving to my new house and trying to sell the Miata I've been busy beyond belief. Anywho, I actually sold the Miata about a month ago and set out to find a car that I have always yearned for. Oddly enough, I didn't have to look long before finding exactly what I was looking for.

    Basically my criteria was simple. I wanted an '05-'06 Crossfire SRT-6, black, under 50k on it. They only made the SRT-6 trim for these cars for two years but only offered it in the US for the '05 model year making them super rare. I have always wanted one of these cars but they were always out of my price range as they were a $50,000 car new. But nowadays you can get them for reasonable prices. My reason for wanting this car was simple: I'm 27 and I wanted a car with a little more sophistication & class.....basically something a bit more age appropriate than my Miata, and something that I wasn't going to "outgrow" anytime soon. Furthermore, I wanted something unique. Being as this car was only sold in the US for one year and is based off a Mercedes r170 SLK320 chassis, it was an easy choice. I loved the RWD and boost of my old car and thankfully the Crossfire SRT-6 delivers on both of these categories, having a 3.2L supercharged V6 making 330hp/315tq.

    Anywho, a static slammed Crossfire is all but unheard of. Per my research it would appear that most Crossfire owners either a. don't lower their car at all, b. buy lowering springs or c. in a few rare instances I have found them bagged on gaudy sunken chrome wheels, and they are usually base model Crossfires, not the SRT model. But a big reason that these cars probably haven't been done up in our lovely end of the car scene is a severe lack of suspension options. The only fully adjustable coilovers I have been able to find for it are KW Variant 2's & Billstein's......both of which are super pricey and meant more for racekor driving than slammage. But alas, no-one ever said that going the unique route was going to be neither cheap nor easy.

    Below are a few pictures of the car (these were taken (the previous owner's driveway) as well as a photoshop render that our very own marinse (Sebastian) put together for me showing how I want the car to look after doing wheels/coilovers. I should be ordering the wheels/coilovers this week so hopefully it won't be stock height for very long! I'm going with 18x8.5F/19x10R 3SDM 0.06's since I think they look amazing on the car, and also because SRT Crossfires come factory with double staggered wheels and i'm even able to re-use the OEM size tires for a widdle baby I hate to disappoint you all, but the Crossfire is not going to be nearly as low as the Miata was. It'll be very low for a Crossfire but I plan on keeping it somewhat functional with minimal camber and a very light stretch.

    Le stock

    The car is already equipped with a Needswings CAI, Eurocharged Performance ECU & TCU tune and a Sprintbooster. That plastic engine cover is coming off so that the supercharger will be exposed.

    And lastly, the render of what I am expecting it to look like with wheels/coilovers.

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