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Thread: Why do I even like cars?

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    Default Why do I even like cars?

    So I haven't really had my car to the point where a build thread would really be necessary but I figured why not make one. Fun stuff has been happening lately.

    This car is my first car and I've had it for about 2 and a half years. It's a MK5 Jetta with the 2.5 liter Inline 5. So essentially it's half a Gallardo with more what I wish people believed.

    Bagged it from the start on Rotiforms.


    Then I got new wheels. They are OZ Pegasus. Front fitment needed real help, the rear was ok. I also put a Wolfsburg front end on which replaces the chrome grilles with black. I also added a few random little things to make it look slightly better.

    Then I broke my subframe in half because I don't know how to be on air.

    Got really bored with the car and started not liking it. The next season (last year) I widened my OZs, powdercoated them and was now running 2.5 lips all around. Final specs were 17x9.5/10 et 31/37 and switched up my air setup to Airlift Performance series which is essentially bag over coil and bought Koni rear shocks which I hate and will be replacing. These changes made me start liking the car again.

    Then I made them BBS silver because cleaning white wheels was not fun. Lost some fender paint too. Weight savings.

    So this year I decided to change some stuff. Bear with me.
    U C da ice

    No clue what the offsets are. What I do know is they are 17x9.5/10 with a 3.5" lip up front and a 4" out back. Rears didn't fit, luckily I had IDF UCAs already installed which allowed me to dial in -6* of rear camber.

    With that I went to Dubs on Defrost

    Hashtag hot euro models

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