So I went down to NC for Import Expo this past weekend. It was my first time attending a show in NC since 2012. I had a blast catching up/hanging with my Carolina buddies all weekend and got to do several photoshoots at various locations. I gotta say though, I was a bit disappointed with the results of the show. I'm not a trophy chaser by any means, but the fact that my car didn't even place in the "Domestic Other" class was kind of a joke. My buddy Chris's immaculate and well put together SRT-4 won 1st place (as it rightfully should have) but 2nd and 3rd went to a basically stock S550 Mustang on bags/wheels and a Lincoln MKZ that was lowered (barely) on Vossens and had some window curtains but otherwise was basically stock. Meanwhile my car has a full color change, a ton of custom bodywork and a bunch of misc. mods throughout the entire car. Not one area on my car has been left untouched (brakes, engine, suspension, wheels, exterior, interior, audio). I don't consider my car a full blown "show car" by any means, but to get beat by a run of the mill Mustang on bags/wheels (just like every other Mustang that comes to my local cars & coffee) and a basically stock Lincoln MKZ was extremely disheartening. I'm going to start printing out a full blown mod list to bring with me from now on and put it front and center somewhere with my car because i'll be damned if I let that kinda fuckery happen again. I guess the other reason I was upset was I drove 12 hours round trip for this