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Thread: Post up your daily drivers.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatieO View Post
    Speaking of shitty bolt patterns... the ST is 5x108. Coooooool.

    For me having a daily I am comfortable in is really important. I am in commute traffic around 400 hours a year on average. I spend way too much time in my car to hate driving it. So creature comforts make my commute a little less painful. I went the cheap route for a daily and it just started having issues and wasn't overly reliable. Plus, heated seats are life.
    Katie I coulnt agree more with your statement. Not that my car is expensive by any means, I paid $4500 out the door. But being a car guy I had to make sure I actually enjoyed driving a car everyday, and it was comfortable, otherwise it would just ruin my joy every single day I drove it. Had to explain that to my wife several times. lol

    But with that being said, I still like my car to look good and be unique. Been trying to save some coins to either put coilovers or airbags. Its such a unique and rare car would be fun to see it fitted and slammed.
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