Some of you may have read my previous build thanks if you did. But unfortunately the car started giving me problems and i was looking for a new car anyway.

my old car being taken away

Ive wanted a wrx or sti for years now but i was always so set on an aspen white 04/05 the "blobeye". However when i was looking at cars it was hard finding one that wasn't super modified or unmolested for a very high price. I didnt really want a 2015+ because of how common they are and how difficult i felt it would be to stand out. I also didnt exactly enjoy the new look or the fact that new cars nowadays are losing the mechanical feel and connection to the road that older cars had.

While i was saving money and looking for a new car i was daily driving a 2011 Toyota Sienna that was the extra car my family owned. I got used to the creature comforts and the newness of the car. That fact along with seeing more 2015+ wrx's the idea of owning one grew on me.

I work for Subaru so through my job i was able to get a nice discount on a 2017 wrx from my local dealership. I went and looked at a 2017 in Crystal White Pearl it came off the lot with an sti shift knob and short shift kit.

here it is the day i picked it up from the dealership