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Thread: Risky Business

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    New seat looks good man. Contrasts well with the blue paint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RSKYBZ View Post
    Recently acquired reman front Z32 30mm aluminum calipers from a good friend of mine. I originally wanted some project mus or even brembos, but after stumbling onto a DIY on nicoclub of someone using z32 calipers on their brz... I decided to try it out for myself. My plan is to run the required..
    -316mm legacy GT rotors (for 5x100)
    -KNS caliper adapter
    -s14 brake lines
    -Hawk Semi Metallic Street pads

    I plan to run a blank rotor for now, until my oem rear pads and rotors begin to go, so I can do full slotted rotors all around, + Project Mu hi temp brake fluid, and Project Mu street pads.

    Super stoked with this. Thinking of a color to paint the calipers.
    these look cool as is so im excited to see how they look painted. are the brz brakes really bad or did you just want to upgrade?
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