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    Default The Hess Trucks Back : C10 content

    Welp. Sold the wagon two months ago, wasn't doing anything with it and I had lost interest in it pretty hard. Pulled off the wheels and the WRC mirrors and still have those and a 2.5/5 speed for later endeavors. Told myself no projects for a while... Came across a 1970 Chevy C40, 350, 5 speed and a 2 speed rear :

    Very little rust, most parts from the C10-C30's are usable (and yes, doors come with it). Plans are as followed :
    -Chevy 6.0 or 8.1
    -Air ride
    24" Alcoas
    -Some sort of contraption on the back

    Essentially a cruiser since I've always loved big trucks. The 350 will probably get saved for ..

    The 1971 C10 long bed I picked up super cheap from the same owner. So cheap I won't say. It's got a 307 with a spun bearing and a 3 speed. Needs Cab floors and rockers but I could care less lol Bed is shot as well.

    PLans are :
    -Yank the bed and Cab and get the rust on the cab fixed
    -Use the 350 from the C40 (if I can't, well I'll just drop in a 5.3)
    -Find a new bed
    -Air Ride
    -Some nice 15's
    -Something special for the bed

    Both trucks have similar goals which I think are all obtainable. Haven't been this excited about anything since i got engaged Should be a good time. I'll be updating here and on my IG @belfastbuilt ( a little side thing I got going on, Thanks Abbitt for the stickers ! lol).
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