so I was speaking to Rob Carmona about putting a thread up about my trip.

Now I have been dreaming of this trip for years now and I started planning it maybe 8 months ago now if not longer!!

I am getting married in exactly a month today well actually it was exactly a month yesterday. We figured we could use our honeymoon as an excuse to do this trip!

the original plan was 3 weeks to do an American adventure. That then extended and extended and then we figured sod it, lets leave our lives and do it over 3 months. This will more than likely be our only chance to leave our jobs and do a trip like this.

We are going to start in California and end in New York, the Mrs really wants to see the Rockefeller tree which goes up at the end of November so the plan

Land in California at the start of September
Fly home from New York at the end of November.

Here is the planned route, it may change slightly but I would love to hear your opinion and any suggested places to visit and more importantly if any of you are on the route lets meet up!! lets get a drink and some food and do some shit!

Untitled by ben walsh, on Flickr